Certification Process


The certification process is as follows:

The Training

  • Full participation in the 2-day approved training course


  • $1,497 + GST NZD Early Bird
  • $1.897 + GST NZD Full Price

Your Assessor

Should you decide to become certified, after you have attended the training an assessor is allocated to you. You will receive information from the assessor with guidance about the certification requirements and contact details.

The assessor will provide 1 free hour of supervision.

You can also access additional supervision at a cost of GBP 65 ($126.12 NZD) – please note the rate is subject to exchange rates in your country – with either your main assessor, or with another supervisor should you wish.

Assessment: Science and Case Studies

Post training Assessment consists of:

  • Submission of 30 case studies (forms will be provided) where you have used Havening Techniques
  • Submission of 2 videos of sessions where you have used Havening Techniques
  • Successful completion of an online Science Review – to check your understanding of the science behind Havening Techniques

Cost: GBP 325 – $630 NZD approx. – subject to exchange rate with the country of your assessor

Online Ethics and Legal Course

You will need to also take an online Ethics course that is run independently by Midge Murphy, a Professional Liability Risk Management Consultant.

By completing this course and passing the multiple-choice assessment, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Ethics and Legal Principles in the Practice of Havening Techniques.

You will go direct to Midge Murphy and will need to pay this online.

Cost: $211 NZDsubject to exchange rate with the US at the time of purchase


Once you are successful in becoming a certified Havening Techniques practitioner, your profile will be listed on the official website. http://www.havening.org/

Annual Certification

Upon successful completion of all the learning and assessment, there is a fee of $99 USD to become a certified Havening Techniques practitioner.

There will be a $99 USD renewal fee charged annually for remaining a certified practitioner.

These fees include your profile listing on the Havening.org website and the right to use the Logo and any other proprietary material that is subject to copyright laws in your country.

The certification process will be covered further on the training however should you wish to know more prior to the training, please visit the Havening website.



Step 1

  • Attend a 2-day certified Havening Techniques Training
  • Cost: $, 1,897 NZD

Step 2

  • Assessment to become a certified practitioner
  • Cost: $630 NZD subject to exchange rates

Step 3

  • Online Ethics and Legal Course
  • Cost: $211 NZD subject to exchange rates

Step 4

  • Certification fee
  • Cost: $149 NZD subject to exchange rates

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